The Policy, Purpose, and Scope

Powermatic Data Systems Limited (the “Company”) is committed to high standards of integrity, accountability, and transparency to safeguard the interests of shareholders and the Company’s assets and reputation.  It adopts a “zero tolerance” approach towards any issues/incidents relating to bribery, corruption, unethical behavior, fraud, and any form of misconduct and improprieties.



In line with this commitment, the Whistleblowing Policy (the “Policy”) has been formulated to fulfill the following:

  1. provides an avenue or channel to any employees, and any other individuals who are not employees (“Reporting Persons”) to report serious wrongdoing or concerns relating to possible improprieties and obstructive actions within the Company and its group of companies. Such reporting should not be made recklessly, falsely, maliciously, and/or for personal gain.
  2. provides an assurance and safeguard that the reporting individual will be protected from reprisals, harassment, or victimization.
  3. ensures there are in place procedures for an independent investigation of the reported concern and the appropriate follow-up actions to be taken.



The reportable misconduct that Reporting Persons may report under the Policy would include but not limited to:

  1. financial or professional misconduct;
  2. improper, dishonest, fraudulent, or unethical behavior;
  3. criminal offense or failure to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation;
  4. violence at the workplace or any behavior that may cause endangerment to the health and safety of an individual;
  5. corruption, bribery, misappropriation, or blackmail;
  6. any other improprieties or matters that may adversely affect shareholders’ interests in, and assets of, the Company, and its reputation.



All reports are handled in the strictest confidence except as necessary or appropriate to conduct an investigation and to take remedial action, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

The Company will protect the identity of the Reporting Person who made the report in good faith. The information and the contents of the report will be held, to the extent legally permissible and reasonably practicable, in the strictest confidence by the Company. The Reporting Person who made the report should similarly hold the contents of his/her report and any communications with the Company thereon in the strictest confidence.

It must be appreciated that the investigation process, including any report that may have to be made to the police, may reveal the source of the information, and a statement by the Reporting Person may be required as part of the evidence.

The Company wishes to maintain an open and transparent culture and to this end, disclosures made in good faith and for the benefit of the Company will be seriously considered. To facilitate an effective investigation, a Reporting Person must be prepared to assume responsibility for his actions.

Any Reporting Person who makes a report recklessly, without having reasonable grounds for believing it to be substantially true, or makes it for purposes of personal gain, or maliciously, may be subject to appropriate action by the Company


Whistleblowing Reporting, Communication & Actions

The Reporting Person should report his/her concern to the Chairman of the Audit Committee who will handle all reported cases and ensure that issues raised are properly resolved by Management or such parties as appropriate.

All concerns raised will be independently assessed to ensure that they are fairly and properly considered. As it is essential to have all critical information in order to be able to effectively evaluate and investigate a complaint, the report made should provide as much information and be as specific as possible.

Reports are to be sent by email to: